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How to lose weight no matter how old?

Solutionsto lose weight or change one's silhouette are not the same: the motives differ, the body changes, thehormonal activity undergoes variations, metabolism, eating habits, and lifestyle changes over time...

Losing weight despite his age - My Féerie Blog

To lose weight it is necessary to take habits according to our age.

Whether you are 20, 30 or 40 years old, responses to weight gain require an appropriate strategy.

Your plan slimness be entrusted to professionals able to find the answers to your problem by offering you personalized advice and solutions according to your age.

How to lose weight according to age - My Féerie Blog

In adolescence and up to 20 years

Your youth allows you to Lose kilos more easily. Exile regimes limitative, one balanced feeding will be preferable (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.), avoid consuming too much sugar, soda, and do not snack.

Around 30 years

The bodies of young women can be modified and as a result silhouette changes appear with kilos and localized roundness.

Menopause slimming - blog posts My Féerie

Watch your skin, practice of cellulite massage sessions and use of adapted creams to potentiate your results

Monitor and control your food habits in order to maintain a good balance.
Eat slowly and think about chewing...
Do not skip meals, eat starches and fats in a reasonable way.
Ask for your muscles. Maintain your basic metabolism by practicing regular physical activity.

Cellulite Massage Skin Care -My Féerie

Between 40 and 50 years:

Control your weight, eat a variety of foods and focus on quality rather than the amount of your diet, do not neglect starches and fats. Try to have a regular sporting activity, register in a gym to do preventive work and avoid weight gain or practice the house the bike apartmentor gardening...

After 50 years

Losing weight at menopause - blog post My Féerie

Hormonal changes in menopause promote sedentary lifestyle. Have one regular physical activity preserving your joints (fast walking, swimming... are recommended) and balance your daily dietary intake (50% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 30% fat) and avoid hyperprotein diets.

Know control your weight whatever your age... Do not hesitate to consult a doctor before changing your eating habits or undertaking a program slimness, knowing that weight should be avoided at certain times of life.

Overweight should be taken into account, opting for a better nutritional quality of your meals, and moving regularly, this will ensure that your form and well-being are maintained. !

slimming easily at any age - My Féerie Blog

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