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SEXYWG ™ sweat vest + legging set

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Slimming sauna sweat set - my Féerie

Thisvest and sweat pants are designed in thermo flex,a fabric says " smart ".

In fact it increasesyour body's core temperatureand thus helps you to sweat more. It acts as a lid : it keeps the heat and allows for increased sweatingwhile promoting blood circulation.


Cheap neoprene sauna sweat suit set-my Féerie

The'slimming sweat setfits perfectly to the female body and is worn very close to the body to ensure a slight compression.

Thanks to its compression and its triple layer, this vest and pants legging triggers a sauna effect on your body. Material sweat from this garment allows you to burn maximum calories and of lose weight easily.

Triple layers :

  • The 1st layer increases the heat of your body and makes you sweat
  • 2nd layer absorbs moisture
  • The 3rd layer evaporates your perspiration


Sweat set vest long sleeves and pants sauna effective-my Féerie

  • During cleaning,
  • gardening,
  • market,
  • running,
  • gym,
  • a bike ride with the children,
  • or any other sport.
  • Brief when we move.

Refine the SILHOUETTE by sweating 3X more than usual!

Sweat set vest long sleeves and pants sauna effective-my Féerie

✅Eliminates water overloads andso water retention

✅Allowelimination of toxinswhich accumulate on our skin and are responsible for the formation of capitons (cellulite).

✅Allowshave healthier skin, more toned and firmer.

✅ Very comfortable: It does not interfere when moving and its material is pleasant on the skin.


Effective sweating set for weight loss - my Féerie

This type of clothing is made for people who have trouble sweating.

It produces a sauna effect on the skin for promote sweating.

On the other hand, the hold does not allow any contact with the air and the vapors are blocked at the level of the pores.

It is therefore normal to feel a significant rise in body temperature, which allows you to lose more quickly.


Best cheap sports sweat set - my féerie

The’slimming efficiency of the sweat suit is palpable when you wear it dphysical activity.

Sport is actually a must-have item for weight loss.

Even a walk of about thirty minutes a day would be enough.

However, it is also advisable to have a healthy diet to quickly achieve your goal.

Moreover, it is therefore also suitable for pre-competition preparation.


Sweat suit to sweat more at sport-my féerie

The’warm up is important before starting a sports training. This step prepares your body for the physical test it will perform, reduces the risk of fatigue or muscle injuries and allows you to recover better after exercise.

There sweat suit is composed of a specific material (neoprene) optimizing muscle warming.

It's important, especially when it's cold.

You also benefit from a better physical performance.


Sweat set to eliminate fat faster - My féerie

The majority of the burned fat (about 85 %) exhaled while the rest is expelled to the urine and urine. sweat.

This observation makes it possible to affirm that the combination eliminates a tiny amount of fat and thus promotes weight loss and better health.


Sauna sweat Leggi vest and pants set-My féerie

The’sweat set fight against cellulite watery caused by water retention, disorder usually worsened by lack of exercise.

The fact of sweat wearing the jumpsuit optimizes function drain the origin of water removal.

It is recommended to opt for a model that covers well the areas suffering from cellulite to observe a satisfactory result.

It also allows fight effectively the’orange peel effect.


More beautiful skin with the sweat set - my féerie

Sweating beautifies the skin.

This effectively cleans pores clogged with dirt caused by pollution. The protective layer becomes stronger. Sweat production reduces the formation of blackheads, acne and rashes.

The skin becomes soft, radiant and beautiful.

The effect of this type of clothing competes well with that of cosmetic products.


improving blood circulation with the sweat set - my Féerie

The use of a sweat clothing during a physical activity improves blood circulation and lymphatic return. It exerts a slight pressure on the skin. This is important for the well-being of organs and the body in general.

The heart is doing better and the blood flows normally. Blood vessels are elastic, and the body has low blood pressure. This combination would therefore be advisable in case :

  • Treatment of hemorrhoids ;
  • Symptoms of muscle cramps ;
  • Varicose ;
  • Symptoms of high blood pressure ;
  • Treatment of blood clots ;
  • Dizziness.

Best cheap sweat set - my Féerie

It is advisable to respect the duration of use

It is recommended for a beginner to wear the sweat suit for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Increase this time as you progress. Regulars can use it for 4 hours in a row.

A use about 4 times a week would be suitable.

The solution is to hydrate well before and after the use of the slimming garment. Feel free to drink if you are thirsty during physical activity.

Hand washing is to be promoted

Manual washes promote the durability of the slimming suit. Avoid washing machine cleaning as much as possible to maintain the elasticity of the fibers of the fabric.

Neoprene has the advantage of drying quickly. So you should also wait until the suit dries naturally in the open air and avoid ironing.


User reviews customer reviews sweat set-my féerie

Users appreciate the versatile side of the sweat suit that is suitable for many sports disciplines including boxing or fitness body.

It sticks well to the skin without hindering.

The equipment remains convenient to freely perform movements.

It's an outfit that optimizes perspiration, more than usual.


Burn more calories with the sweat set - My féerie

Here are some physical activities that you can perform at home or outside wearing your sweat suit.

  • The jogging or running which will allow you to burn 600-850 kcal in one hour.
  • The tennis, badminton or squash will allow you to burn 800 to 850 kcal per hour.
  • There jump rope to burn 700-800 kcal per hour.
  • The Cycling so you can burn 500-800 kcal per hour.
  • There swimming for about 600 kcal per hour.
  • The rower to allow you to burn 700 to 850 per hour.
  • There boxing (if you like contact sports) to lose 600 kcal per hour.


Sweat set to sweat more at sport - my féerie

  • Slim fit and comfortable
  • Innovative technical material with sauna effect
  • High quality and durable material: NYLON, Spandex, Polyester, neoprene


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