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Electrical stimulator Page: 1

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Hip stimulator

You want quick results?

Exclusive management of my fairy, no shop!

Because of its reliability, the product has attracted numerous customers!

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An endless dream ass

The hip stimulator in my fairy shop

This revolution finally came out! 

this Electrically stimulated yes Terrible heavy weapons Living in class FACE.

there EMS Technology allow Hip muscle stimulation Depth assurance Quick results There is no long and painful PE class

Rapid fat loss of buttocks

Greatly improve blood circulation

Perfect silhouette for thigh

There are obvious results in a few days

Test results and suggestions for electrical appliances

And Regular weekly use Add in the balanced power supply and you'll see the first result soon. 

Your hips will hardenPage: 1 Your ass will grow up. 

Save time, energy and money

Best electronic stimulator

✅time Don't you have time to stay in the gym for a few hours? With our stimulator, you can work with strong muscles at the same time, he doesn't need you to work!

✅energyYou can It's easy Keep your energy There's no need for a chain reaction anymore

✅money Save weight loss, magic pills, exercise room subscription fees

Several training programs and several intensive training programs

Best electronic stimulation hip muscles - Boutique

For conditioning and refining the bottom of your body Completely customized

6 mode / 10 intensity level

Easy to use

there Easy to use fromElectrically stimulated You can Quick meeting (It's only 10 to 20 minutes a day This is necessary In your daily workPage: 1 strong Give you a chanceTake you around.

My fairy boutique

Robust, comfortable and light devices

In order to adapt to everyone's needs and sensitivities Hip stimulator Here you are 6 training programs.

A 12 minute program But you can do a lot.

Best answer 2019 electronic stimulator for buttock muscles

You can choose different ways to shrink, you just need to choose the way you like! 
For each program, you will have two choices Top 10 
The former is very soft, the latter is very strong. Now just test and find the strength that matches you! 

Certified EC products

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In order to ensure the quality of our products, we inform you provePage: 1 This certificate will provide you with The quality is indisputable


Best electronic stimulator hip bottom boutique

For optimal comfort, our Hydrogel pads are specially designed to offer you a durable and comfortable grip during your training sessions. 
It is recommended after use to replace the stimulator on the cap to ensure a certain longevity.
If your pads get tired, replace them with new ones in seconds, it's easy!

My fairy shop

Rest assured, we offer 3 sets (9 pieces) of pads Hydrogelreplacement that will allow you to prolong with certainty the optimization of the gluteus EMS over time 


  • Extends the life of the glutes EMS
  • Increase conduction and performance
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Resistant
  • Easy replacement and installation


Electronic stimulator hip muscle enhancement - Boutique

The muscle stimulation by electro-stimulation (EMS : Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a muscle contraction with small pulses electric. EMS technology is recognized as a pro-active tool in muscle building.

It serves in particular:
✅ At muscle building

✅ at tone muscles and improve body aesthetics

✅ at smooth blood circulation

✅ at relax muscles

✅ at prevent injuries

✅ at muscle the whole muscle group of your buttocks: small, medium and large buttocks

My fairy shop



WARNINGcounterfeits circulating on the internet.

Only My Féerie owns the Hips Trainer ™ brand of stimulator.


Buttock Trainer \ \ 124;EMS HIPS Trainer \ \ 124;Mexten Product is very…

  • Batteries: 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (Not Included)
  • Exit: Max. 9.8mA
  • Work time: 12 Minutes (Per installation)
  • Frequency: 1-100Hz
  • Modes: A-F (6 modes)
  • Dimensions of the patches: 26x18.8cm
  • Remote control dimensions: 7.8x6x2.1cm


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