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* -50% Offre Valable Uniquement ce Jour 1 seule et unique fois.

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LISSÉA ™ Anti-Cellulite push-up leggings

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Toneandreshapeyourlegswith these new LeggingsAnti-cellulite compression ! 

➽ Want to regain a smooth and firm skin ?
➽Want to get rid of your cellulite in a visible way ?
➽ Need a comfortable, stress-free solution with a compression action on your skin ?

LISSÉA ™ draining anti-cellulite leggingsare among the products most appreciated by women : practical, comfortable and with aslimming effect.

And they can also be worn under pants and skirts, like normal clothing.

Discover the powerful association of aceramic fiber micro-massaging textilewith a cosmetic serum with firming and smoothing actions for proven results from 20 nights(1).

This leggings is buzzing in the USA and all over the world!

Perfect for sportsmen, the draining leggings help fight cellulite and drain fluids. Their tight and airy character makes them particularly suitable for sports activities.

They can also be worn under the pajamas or at home to cook or watch TV....

Anti cellulite leggings - my féerie

Erase the appearance of your CELLULITE, without constraint, without EFFORT !

Thepolyamide microfiberspresent in this leggings, arecrystals of bioactive mineralsintegrated forhideandban even thecellulitetheremore tenacious . 
Anti-cellulite leggings-my Féerie

The Anti Cellulite Leggings LISSEA™has micro-capsules which gradually emit the same active ingredients as creams: caffeine, loofah oil, shea butter…

These principles are gradually absorbed by the skin, drained, detoxified and hydrated.

Thanks to themassaging effect of the fabric and that of the substances present in the micro-capsules, the elastics Anti-cellulite immediately make the skin smoother and more toned.


✅ Visibly reduces thecelluliteundesirable on the legs
✅ Generatesinfra red raysby a tissue infused with bio-active crystals
✅ Tightens and firms loose skinon the thighs
✅ Ultra-compressive knittingto reshape and tone the silhouette
✅ Increaseblood circulationto facilitate thedestruction of cellulite
 Maintainbelly: flat stomach effectthanks to its high waist that compresses the belly without crushing it
✅ Gives the illusion of buttrounder
✅Regulates sweating
✅ Expandable / Simpleslip on and take off : its seamless and textured textile offers you a feeling of well-being as well as unparalleled comfort!
✅ Ideal for sports, gymnastics, Yoga etc...

How do they work ?

3D knitting
The 3D knitting exerts a mechanical force on the skin, a real palpating-rolling massage that allows to fight effectively against the capitons.

How Anti-cellulite compression leggings work-shop Slimming my Féerie

OurQuality Anti-cellulite leggings LISSEA™act from the first use, they harmonize the lines and reduce up to 1.5 points of size.

They support and shape the body without the effect of compression.

LISSÉA ™ Anti-cellulite leggings ensure comfort and breathability, even after repeated washing.

Size chart (in cm )

Do you hesitate between 2 sizes ? Don't worry. The material is very elastic and often the 2 sizes will fit you.


(1) clinical Test conducted on a panel of 20 volunteers at the rate of onewearing LISSÉA ™ leggings duringfrom 20 nights, 8 hours per night. The results showed an improvement in the appearance of orange peel in 95% of subjects.

(2) test conducted on a panel of 22 volunteers. The circumference losses are 4.8 cm for the hips and 2.4 cm for the thighs. Total mean obtained: loss of 1.5 cm in the circumference of the hips and loss of 0.71 cm in the circumference of the thighs.

IMaintenance instructions:
  • Do not bleach and dry clean
  • Tumble dryer at low temperature.
  • Machine wash cold
  • Do not iron.


  • 1 pair Anti-cellulite compression leggings


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