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Al'IVER™detox patches

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A 100% natural detox! 


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Ecological and natural product

Effective cheap Al'ivert detox patches tested and approved-Boutique Ginger Care

The human body accumulates many pollutions every day!

To help with their elimination, aAl'IVER™detox Patch under each foot in the evening, is one of the best methodsuse according to the Chinese tradition offoot reflexology.

A super method convenient and easy !

Indeed, glued under the arch, this patch therapeutic creates a closed and warm area that will accelerate sweating and facilitateelimination of toxins.

✅ Assistance to theweight loss

✅ Help tobetter sleep

✅ Brings someenergy

✅ Eliminatetoxin

✅ Help tocleanse the bodyand revitalize


  -  Removes toxins of your body by the feet

  - Allowof recover your energy and one best alarm clock


This foot patches contain a combination ofnatural substances based on herbalreputed for eliminate toxins that we accumulate on a daily basis through our breathing and our power.

Its beneficial effects are numerous : provide energy, normalize blood pressure, improve the immune system, reduce fluid retention, relieve the effects of allergies, soothe joint pain...

They have the property of drain andabsorb toxins accumulated in the body.


Because it is the only place in the body that represents 60 acupuncture points 

Soonmedical studiesWestern and Eastern countries agree that thehealth of internal organsmay be influenced by The Associated reflex points offoot.

It is enough to stick them under the soles of the feet in the evening, for detoxification to actduring sleep, for a minimum of 7 hours !

The patch so go stimulate the soles of the feet and make the body work overnight.

The dthe body's scales will thus be eliminated naturally, and without effort!

Upon waking, the patches will have changed their white color to brown or black, a sign that the detoxification process has taken place.


Best cheap foot detox patches-Ginger care Boutique

  • Wash and dry your feet
  • Detach the larger part of the adhesive
  • Place the detox patch on its center, make sure the writing on the patches is facing down from the side of the adhesive surface
  • Stick and spread firmly on the sole of the foot
  • Apply the patches an hour before bed
  • Wear 7-12 hours and remove the patch, wash with warm water or wipe the surface with a damp towel until it is no longer sticky
  • The patches used will appear dark green or gray as they absorb toxins from the body
  • Use every night until patches fade

Best detoxifying patches on the feet based on 100% natural ingredients cheap-Boutique Ginger Care

For good use,apply detox patches to the soles of the feet every evening (It is advisable to apply the patches before 21 hours) , then remove when waking upand wash the feet with warm water.

It is advisable to make acure of 30 nightsfor a betterdetoxification.

This patch rid the body of "waste" from our own metabolism or from food, water or air.

They allowabsorb heavy metals of our body such as chromium, cadmium, lead, arsenic, etc ... as well as swallowed or breathed chemicals, toxins and fats accumulated over the years in our body.

Theypurify our blood and improve its circulation.

They eliminate fatigue and facilitates sleep.

We then find our dynamism and well-being !


Best new patches 2019 organic natural detox feet acupuncture reflexology-Boutique Ginger care

Assistance to theweight loss
Help tobetter sleep
Help tocleanse the bodyand revitalize
Eliminatetoxinand waste stored in the body
Promotesmuscle relaxationand tendon
Promotesfresh breath and heals from symptom of halitosis (bad breath, white tongue)

Al'iver detox patches helps you sleep better - Boutique Ginger Care

Assistance to the constipation
Relievelegs and feetsore or swollen
Helps eliminatedead skin
Improves metabolism andslows down the aging process
Activates cells,improves immunity
Relievepain, fatigue and stress
Improveblood circulation
✅Relieves heavy and swollen legs
The body becomes lighter and eventone

How Al'iver detox patch works-boutique Ginger care

    These patches are safe (100% natural)

    Also helps when : 

     Use of antibiotics - Of a diet program

    - Smoking cessation - Back in spring, etc …

       It is stronglyrecommended to drink 1L to 1.5 L of waterper day duringcure.

      Fact-proof foot patches: detox, intox

      "doctorwho created the product, realized that thebamboo vinegarcould act like a sponge.A true purifying and anti-inflammatory effectvisible."

      The principle is very simple and it is very easy to use, we glue the patches under the feet before going to bed for them let act during sleep. 

      After use, the patches become slightly damp and change colors depending on the degree of toxins extracted. Dark brown indicates a high amount of impurities. As the sessions progress, the patches begin to display more and more clear shades.

      Patches act as anatural toning of the bodywhole, increase general metabolism, activate blood circulation, andeliminate the feeling of heavy legs.

      "I tested the detox patch ! "

      Image search result for "patches detox reviews";

      "So I used the patches for a 5-day detox cure: no negative effects for me ! I found a lightness of movement after the holidays, a better digestion, a daily well-being. My headaches, my great fatigue and my various pains disappeared as a result of this detox treatment !

      Every morning I felt better ! No more "pulling" me out of bed to go to work ! I recovered a real energy, vitality and tone to start the new day well .

      I am still aware that a healthy diet throughout the year and the practice of a sports activity are also essential to stay in full shape !"

       Package quantity: 5 pairs = 10 pieces



      Natural plant ingredients Al'iver detox patches-Boutique Ginger care

      • Bamboo vinegar: contains more than 200 elements known to promote the extraction of toxins.
      • Conchioline powder/ combat fatigue
      • Stem extract polygonum multiflorum/ improves alertness of mind
      • Platycodo grandiflorum extract/ stimulates energy
      • Artemisia leaf extract/ Wormwood: used as a medicinal herb. Recognized for warming the body.
      • Ginger: warming and anti-inflammatory properties

      Advice:Use immediately after opening the sachet

      Each patch is for single use only

      Note: These natural products cannot be a substitute for the medical treatment you may take in case of illness or the advice and prescriptions issued by doctors.

      Customer testimonials:

      Satisfied customers al'iver detox patches-Ginger care Boutique

      Read what those who have used "Al'IVER ™ detox patches" say ! It'S amazing !


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