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* -50% Offre Valable Uniquement ce Jour 1 seule et unique fois.

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SlimSoles™slimming insoles

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promotion magnetic slimming insoles - my féerie

Free magnetic slimming insoles-shop my Féerie

Walk and lose 2X more weight with our SlimSoles ™ insoles!

▶▶ Want to lose pounds without dieting or spending hours in the gym?

Walk just 15 minutes a day with SlimSoles™ slimming insoles and slim down !

✅ Refine the Silhouette
✅ Invisible, discreet and comfortable
✅ Adjustable: fit all shoe styles >> cut SlimSoles™ to fit your shoes if needed

cheap magnetic slimming walking insoles-my féerie

✅ Activate blood circulation
✅ Eliminate fat cells
✅ Fight against swollen ankles, the back pain, the heavy legs and the physical fatigue
Reducemuscle pain, and the stress.
✅ Bulging effectto massage the arch of the foot.

Discover the benefits of plantar reflexology combined with Chinese medicine with SlimSoles ™ insoles

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    ✔️Foot reflexology

    ▶▶Have you tried everything to relieve your persistent pain ?

    Do not despair! These magnetic insoles will help you regain well-being and serenity.

      TheSlimSoles™ be soon magnetic soles, based on the operation of orthopedic insoles.

      If you work all day sitting at a desk or you tend to have ankylosed legs, these magnetic insoles are made for you. They act as orthopedic insoles and, thanks to their domed part, they gently massage your arch.

      Finally, magnets have an effect on pressure points and help stimulate metabolism. They can help you relax, and it is known that relaxation includes many other benefits


      Chinese medicine smartfeet

      ✔️Chinese medicine

        This new generation ofslimming magnetic insolesinspired by theChinese medicineusing the method ofacupressure .

        In Chinese energy, well-being results from the free movement of vital energycalled QI (pronounced Chi). Pressures on the reflex zones of the foot corresponding to the organs, will allow to restore an energetic harmony.

        Natural Method
        ✅ + 90% positive results ( each metabolism is different)
        Visible results from 28 days accompanied by a good healthy and balanced diet!

        They simply combine the principles of foot reflexotherapy, traditionally employed in Asian soft medicine.

        Image search result for "gif slimming insoles";

        • Points stimulated by this acupressure sole will target the organs that allow your body toeliminate surpluses from your diet.
        • These specific points are directly related to your stomach, your intestine, your liver, your kidney and your bladder.
        • All these organs will be boosted to restore your metabolism all its ability to eliminate.

        SlimSoles™ will then act on thedigestion and elimination processthanks to its soft pimples.

        slimming insoles seen on tv -My Feerie

        ✅ Voted Best Health innovation 2019!

        • Seen at the suckling! In the show " E=M6" about M6
        • SlimSoles™ is the only brand on the market to own this innovative process of advanced detoxification.
        • Awarded several times over the years for these many results achieved without using toxic products for health.
        • More than 10000 satisfied customers!

          Magnetic soles slimming comfort pain-my Feerie


          SlimSoles ™ insolesfeature:

          • 18 large acupressure points based on the Chakra bodily functions, as well as120 points means for stimulating blood circulation.
          • 7 magnetic acupressure points strategically placed, which will stimulate the parts responsible for metabolism and weight loss, thus promotingelimination of excess fat. ( Thisslimming magnetsissuemagnetic wavesthat weaken your body's fat cells )
          • 250 micro pointshave been added to geta massaging and relaxing effect.

          They are made of alightweight and breathable material,that provides ventilation and will keep your feet cool, dry and clean throughout the day.

          Tips for use:

          We advise you to use them as often as possible duringyour daily activities(at home, going to work, during your leisure time...).

          It is necessary to wear them for about 4 hours of movements, per day.

          Once you have reached your goal, you will only have to wear the SlimSoles™slimming insolesonce or twice a week for maintain your line !

          progression weight loss insoles slimfeet acupressure


          • 1 pair slimsoles ™ acupressure Slimming insoles
          One Size Fits All
          Made of medical grade soft Silicone


              effective slimming walking insoles before after cheap-my féerie

              The regenerative insoles and SlimSoles™slimming products were tested on a panel of 1000 consumers and94%of them are ready torecommendto their loved ones.

              The efficacy Tests carried out showed that, over 28 days, people who had worn the SlimSoles™have experienced weight loss 2 to 5 times higherthan conventional methods from the first month of use as well as areduced stress and better circulationblood.

              (Source: National Institute of Health)

              SmartFeet the slimming acupressure insolesSmartFeet the slimming acupressure insolesSmartFeet the slimming acupressure insoles

              Therefore we give you the guarantee thatyou will be satisfied at 100%of our product. You can order with peace of mind. If ever you are not satisfied, justcontact usand we will solve your problem.

              Best cheap slimming walking relaxing magnetic insoles-my féerie



              How long should I wear SlimSoles™

              We recommend wearing them between 30 minutes and 4 hours a day. But you can use them as much time as you can stand by starting gradually..

              Can SlimSoles™ be worn with socks ?

              The magnets are adapted so that they are effective, even keeping his socks, not too thick socks of the type "winter sports" of course. It is advisable to wear the SlimSoles™ by walking at least 15 minutes a day to see your first results appear within 15 days.

              What kind of shoes are they compatible with ?

              SlimSoles ™ insoles have been designed to fit any style of shoe. They can be cut if necessary.

              Our soles have cut marks at the toes to allow a perfect fit.

              When would I feel the benefits of wearing SlimSoles ™ insoles ?

              SlimSoles ™ insoles will start acting immediately ! You will feel a boost of energy and a reduction in stress from the first days. Regarding the elimination of superfluous fats, it takes at least 25 days to notice the first results.

              When should the soles be changed ?

              As long as the sole is not worn and the magnets still have their bulging side, you can continue to use the soles. If you notice wear, feel free to change it. We usually advise changing them every 3-6 months.

              How do I clean my soles ?

              Simply clean them with warm water and soap, then let them air dry. We do not recommend passing them to the washing machine.

              Are my soles guaranteed ?

              Yes, they are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will offer a replacement of the defective pair at our expense. Only original, intact and unmodified items are covered. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, negligence, improper maintenance, misuse, exposure to a substance or environment that degrades the product.

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