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How to refine your waist?

The girdleslimness is probably thesheathe slimness the most fashionable currently.

It is indeed possible to wear it as fashion accessory over her clothes as does Kim Kardashian, who never forgets to post her photos herself on social media.

Corset slimming Kim Kardashian - My fealty

It's also the secret of the stars to quickly find the line after childbirth as evidenced by Jessica Alba.

Understand the workings of a thin corset

Thin corset used by stars- My féerie

In concrete terms girdleslimness is an accessory that refine and remodel the body. That is, it helps to lose weight and disappear a few centimetres of waist (up to 8 cm less).

At the organisational level, the girdle go stimulating blood circulation and even all our metabolism to promote the burning of fat.

It is therefore very important to order the right size corset depending on your body at the time of ordering. Take the measurements carefully and refer to table of sizes.

Losing weight well with a corset

Thin corset to sharpen the waist and lose weight - My Féerie

To obtain results, it is necessary to associate the port of the corset to others actions slimness, as the sports and one healthy and balanced diet.

This is the time to banish junk food (hamburger, chocolate bar, etc.) and rebalance your diet.

It is also possible to play sports while wearing its corset. It is even recommended to start without. Indeed, it is advisable to do some cardio sessions before receiving his corset, to prepare our body and our head for our slimming program.

Use your corset well from the first few days

Thin corset worn by the stars - My Féerie

He is tempting by receiving his girdle slimness put it on immediately and tighten it as much as possible so as not to leave it until the next day.

No rush! You would do yourself more harm than good.

Follow the instructions of your corset brand, so you can wear it properly. It must position itself on the hips and stop at the bust. It must not be too tight or too cowardly. Finally, it must not hurt or interfere with breathing.

On the first day, take it for only one hour, to get your body used to the new maintenance that it provides. Then the next day, add an hour and so day after day, one more hour each time, up to the total duration you want.

Wear the corset on a daily basis

Corset slimming - waist trainer - My Féerie

The basic advice for carrying out its CorsetThinness Are simple: it must be worn every day for 3 to 6 hours. The more you get the door, the more results you get. We still have to plan for about three months for really visible results.

It is possible to wear the CorsetDay and night. But let your body rest and breathe, so never wear it continuously.

It should not be put right after a meal because the belly is swollen and the digestion will be embarrassed. On the other hand, it is possible to put it in the bed and to remove it only after lunch. Especially that the corset invites to eat less.

The Corsetsweats (it's normal and wanted). So you have to think about drinking regularly so you don't get dehydrated.

Listen to your body

Effective corset Slimmy- My Féerie effect

One must not suffer to be beautiful, not with a Corset.
If you have trouble breathing: remove the corset.
If it hurts you, take it off too.
If you have any doubts, ask a doctor for advice. And if you associate with your Corset a specific diet, do not hide from your dietician the existence of the corset.

A Corset worn properly and without excess is safe for health. If in doubt, ask for advice.

Size Guide: Choosing the right size for her slimming corset

Best cheap corset on the market - My Féerie

In order to find the size that will suit you best, it is important to measure the waist and hips. Our slimming clothes come in 3 or 4 different sizes and each size corresponds to a waistline. You'll find sheaths ranging from size S to size 6XL, following a pattern of sizes that you can find in the sizes table of our product listing here >> SLIMMY SLIMMING CORSET™ << 

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