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Twist Fit™fitness balance board

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Only 5 minutes of exercise per day!

Simply Fit Board official fitness Board 2018-boutique My Féerie

Of fun way, theTwist Fit™will tone theset of your muscleswith efficiencyin only 5 minutes per day ! 

It adapts toall agesand all levelsand will perfectly guide your movements,without attacking your joints
  • Workthe whole body
  • Target theset of muscles
  • Lightweight and portable


Simply fit weight board having fun-Boutique fitness my féerie

With this strength Board, do your exercises will be a fun party
You just need to get on the board and finding your balance.

Curved, this one will drag you into a balance motion to help you to muscle and tone your abs, obliques, legs, thighs and glutes.

Abdominal and gluteal Strength Training Board-Boutique My Féerie

You will not feel the effort because you will have the'impression of dancing, and this,without sweating excessively !  

Sculpt your body and waist

How to play sports with your simply fit Board-Boutique My Féerie

Mitigate your love beads and handles with the boardTwist Fit™.

You will now be able to dance and have fun while targeting your problem areas.

Twist Fit™is a fun and easy way totone your body and improve your balance.

Sports Board muscle building gluteal abdominals simply fit cheap-Boutique fitness my Féerie
BoardTwist Fit™target the abdominal belt, including the obliques, legs, thighs and glutes.

It makes all your muscles work set for more results.

Best cheap simply fit thin waist flat belly muscle strengthening Gym Board-boutique fitness my Féerie
This soft Gymnastics does not attack joints, and is suitable for people of any age.

Use the board Twist Fit ™ 5 minutes a day and you will see results appear quicklyt!

And your endurance will increase over time

  • Firms and tones your muscles, abs, legs and glutes.
  • For one fun workout, easy and efficient in a few minutes a day.
  • Supports up to 180 kg
  • Lightweight and easy to store and carry.

Fitness board muscle building abdominal gluteus and thighs simply fit cheap-Boutique fitness my Féerie

With the boardTwistDo™, sculpt your waist and decrease your beads and so love handlesplayful and easy!

Simply fit fitness and bodybuilding board-reviews - my Féerie boutique

With sound balance system, the swivel boardTwistDo™effectively target your abdominal belt, your rash and your legs and makes all your muscles work together totone your body


Best simply fit muscle building fitness Board cheap lightweight and portable everywhere-Boutique fitness my Féerie

Of small size, the Twist Fit™will be easy to storeyour home,in a closet or under a piece of furniture! You will no longer lose space with bulky devices.

Gym fitness excercises with Simply fit bodybuilding board-shop my Féerie

This simple board will allow you to get the body you dream of, at your own pace.

Best cheap simply fit muscle building fitness Board-Boutique fitness my Féerie
The Twist Fit™ is now available in FRANCE at MY FAIRYTALE Shop.

Order yours now!

  • Length: 60 cm.
  • Width: 25 cm.

The original Fitness Board muscle building simply fit best price-boutique fitness my Féerie


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